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Are you feeling bad today?

Friend Indeed Helps You Get in Touch with Individuals Going through Similar Issues As You.

Don't Keep Your Feelings, Thoughts Locked Up.
Try Friend Indeed Today!


Want to Share Something?

Might be Your Friend Doesn’t Have Time for Your Mood? No Worry, We Are Here to Listen to You!


Dealing With a Challenge?

Let’s Share the Good and Bad Times Together with Your Anonymous Buddy!


We Never Let You Go!

Meet Helpers Who Have Similar Interests And Experiences. Talk to Them & Express Your True Feelings.


From Struggling to Strength

Make Friends And Chat Privately In Real-Time Without Sharing Personal Information.


Peer Support for All

Use Our Unique Reaction Buttons To Respond To Other People's Vents and Help Them Out.


The Path to Recovery

Understand Your Situation and Offer You Assistance 24/7

The app is best fit for everyone. It is very simple to use and the helpers are very caring. If you are feeling low then I must recommend this app to you because it gives me a new hope.

You can openly discuss your issues with the helper on the “Friend Indeed” app. I am a professional employee and with the app I learned to lead a fulfilling and purposeful life.

I was stuck on something and got confused and didn’t find any solution. Friend Indeed is the right platform to talk with experts who are facing the same problems as we do. Wonderful emotional support application!

I love this application, it helps me in reaching a clear conclusion. I struggle with extreme family issues. Friend Indeed is a supporting shoulder, who never leaves you in difficult situations. The perfect app where you can discuss your problems with real people.

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Now Express Your True
Feelings with Us

Anonymous Venting is Possible

Feeling Sad? All you need is a Perfect Partner to listen to your talks. Joy multiplies when it is shared among friends. Wanna Try Anonymous Venting?

How Do You Feel Today?

We Value What You Feel. We are Eager To Hear What You Have To Say, “Friend Indeed” Supports You All Time Without Judging You.


Do You Have Your Social Diary?

Get Support with Confidential Conversation

Are You Facing Challenges in Life? You are Not Alone! “Friend Indeed” Supports You in Your Bad Days and When You Need Someone to Talk to.

Kind Helpers with Emotional Support

Each helper has a profile with reviews and a list of areas in which they are an expert, including topics like panic attacks, bullying, eating disorders, and getting over a divorce.

Securely Connects with Real People

Social Assistance

Mobile social assistance for depressed and anxious college students, work professionals, housewives and also for lonely elders. A real connection you need!

Effective Support

The effectiveness of a conversation in offering emotional support is best when you feel alone. We know the value of companionship.


India’s Fastest Growing Platform
for Emotional Wellbeing

Easily Express Your Emotions

Individuals All Around the World

Connect With a Friendly Community

Lift Up Your Mood

Reach Clear Conclusions

Seeds of Hope


Discover People That Share
Your Interests

Begin Your Journey to Better Mental Health

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